Learn to Surf.
Hike a mountain.
Build on EOS

Our mission is to develop a whole new way to discover EOS and **find the optimal balance between WORK and LIFE**.

Learn to surf

Challenge your self to learn a new skill why getting in touch with nature. You may surprise yourself

Practice Yoga

Get away from the computer screen and practice some mindfulness to recharge and get ready for your next challenge.

Build a Team

Come together to push limits and breakdown barriers. There is no better way to build a team

Our Story

Whether you’re a dApp developer, a block producer team, an adventurous token holder, or an executive looking to learn about EOS, you are welcome to join us. EOSurf allows you to participate in the EOS ecosystem while staying in a beautiful country, working, staying active and networking with other EOS professionals.

At EOSurf you can look forward to sunsets on the beach, jungle hikes or hacking til dawn while connecting with people from all over the planet. Discover your true potential while learning new skills and refining your talents. Here you can develop your dApp or bring your team for some EOS networking. The idea is to leave inspired and energized to keep charging towards your goals.

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    by EOS Costa Rica

    Although EOS Costa Rica sponsors the flagship EOSurf event every year, EOSurf is a community initiative and seeks partners all over the world

    What to expect Next year

    Let’s meet at Santa Teresa beach, Costa Rica. Come enjoy a tropical hidden gem and hack your way into the pura vida lifestyle.
    A US$599.00 fee includes: accommodation, transportation (San José – Santa Teresa – San José), three meals a day, snacks, and beverages.
    Contact us and reserve your spot!

    Come on In!


    February 27th – March 1st


    4 –  5 days





    Flagship, Costa  Rica  /  Planet Earth

    Credits – Photographs: Ruben Abarca rubenabix